Big bang theory

AEG D77000GF-M with shattered glass doorWe were sitting enjoying dinner last night when we were startled by a loud bang and the sound of breaking glass in the kitchen. To our amazement, the glass in the oven had shattered for no apparent reason – the oven was switched off, and the top oven had only been used for warming plates. A little research later showed that this is not as rare an occurrence as you might think. However, it was also a good demonstration of the first law of guarantees – you guessed it, the extended warranty lasted for three years, and we bought the oven in January 2010.

A quick hunt for spare parts for this oven (an AEG D77000GF-M) didn’t show any obvious candidates – you can buy every conceivable part except for the one you need. More research required…

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One Response to Big bang theory

  1. Janet says:

    Im sure you’ll find replacement!

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